MyPost Digital Mailbox

  • Receive selected bills and letters all in one place
  • Free and secure storage for your documents
  • Make payments with credit card or bank account
  • Automatic alerts and reminders for selected bills and new mail
  • Schedule payments, choose a date and relax

Manage your mail and make selected bill payments all in one place

    With plenty of companies and government services to choose from

    Effortless mail organisation

    MyPost Digital Mailbox gives you the power to handle mail on your own terms - with everything coming to one safe, convenient, secure location online.

    Whether you go over your bills with a fine-tooth comb, or simply want a way to pay selected bills quickly and easily, your Digital Mailbox gives you the option to do it your way.

    MyPost Digital Mailbox is secure

    We understand that security is important to you, it's also important to us, which is why we use a range of security methods to protect your information.

    MyPost Digital Mailbox has been built from the ground up with a focus on security, so you're safe with us.

    Access mail on the go

    Your Digital Mailbox is accessible wherever you have an internet connection through the website or App available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Giving you easy access to your bills, receipts and uploaded documents on the go.

    Free and available on your computer, phone or tablet.

    Manage your mail and much, much more. All on MyPost Digital Mailbox.